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Amethyst, Garnet and copper


This necklace, suitable for Viking Royalty, was a real labour of love. I have used the richly coloured stones of Amethyst and Garnet and combined them with copper wire.

Completely handmade,this necklace has an embellished hook clasp, which is connected to a single piece of Viking knit chain that is finished with wire end caps and Garnet beads. This chain is connected to a 3 strand spacer, which I have made with an Amethyst nugget and a faceted Garnet. This connects to 3 strands of Viking knit chain, each finished with wire end caps and garnets.

The striking central detail is made using a piece of Amethyst, which I have set in a Viking knit bezel, from this hangs a dangle made with a Garnet and a faceted Amethyst drop. The six lengths of Viking knit chain fan out from the central Amethyst stone, creating an eye catching effect.

The necklace is 19" long. The central detail is is 3" from the top of the amethyst stone, to the bottom of the drop. The central stone measures 1 1/2" in it's setting.

This item comes in a jewellery box.

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