Sold Items > Torcesque - Aventurine and silver plated wire bracelet




I was inspired by the torcs made by the Iceni tribe with there beautiful twisted wire detail and wanted to create a bracelet with that same look of strength combined with simple, delicate detail.

I have made this bracelet with 6 loop Viking knit chain, which I have finished with handmade wire caps, the ends of the chain are accented with green Aventurine beads. The large 16mm green Aventurine bead is encased in a wire spiral. A thick frame wire runs through the centre of the bracelet, which I have finished with a handmade hook clasp and link that I have hammered to add a contrast in textures.

The inside diameter is 7"

Made with silver plated wire, you have all the beauty of sterling silver, without the price tag! However, with time and wear, at the points of friction, the silver plating may wear off, exposing the copper core.

This item comes in a jewellery box.

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