Sold Items > Dragonfly Hair Barrette or Shawl pin - Large - Copper and Blue Lace Agate



Blue Lace Agate and copper wire


I have scaled up my popular Dragonfly design to form this large hair barrette of scarf/shawl pin.

The wings are formed using a technique which captures the delicate veins and tapering edges of its wings. I have then secured oval Blur Lace Agate beads to the tip of each wing and one in the centre of the wings. I have formed the body with a line of circular Blue Lace Agate beads, which are secured in place using my Kiss Kross wrapping technique.

There is a large wrapped loop at the tip of the tail and the head, which is where the pin passes through. The pin is formed with a double length of wire, which I have hammered, to add strength. The pin is finished with two open spirals, representing the dragonflies antenna.

I have shaped the dragonflies body into a curve, so that it fits nicely around the head.

The dragonfly is 3 1/2" long (loop to loop) with a 3 1/2" wingspan. The body has a 3/4" curve at the highest point. The pin is 5" long.

This item comes gift wrapped.

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